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Cogent Research: Thought Leadership Proves A Key Differentiator For Retirement Income Providers

February 4, 2013 by N/A

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With advisors using an average of seven providers to meet the retirement income needs of clients, firms that can articulate a clear understanding of retirement income issues, help advisors manage and invest for income, and demonstrate their retirement income leadership position are most likely to stand out and be considered for future investment. These and other findings are included in the recently released Cogent Research Advisor In-Retirement IncomeTM report, a study of over 400 advisors with at least 25% of their AUM focused on retirement income planning services.


“This indicates a potential opportunity for providers, in particular mutual fund firms, to better demonstrate their retirement income capabilities and highlight the potential advantages in their offerings”


Interestingly, leading insurance providers have the strongest association with these three consideration factors among all advisors. In addition, nearly half of advisors indicate that insurance companies are best-suited to offer high-quality retirement income products. “This indicates a potential opportunity for providers, in particular mutual fund firms, to better demonstrate their retirement income capabilities and highlight the potential advantages in their offerings,” said Meredith Lloyd Rice, Senior Project Director and co-author of the report.


While insurance firms edge-out fund providers overall in key retirement income provider selection criteria, advisors with a heavy retirement income focus are just as likely to associate mutual fund providers with providing superior retirement income thought leadership.


“With the increasing wave of pre- and recent retirees and the persistent low interest rate environment, advisors are working harder than ever to meet the income needs of their clients. As such, many are turning to the resources and programs offered by insurance and mutual fund providers in their quest to build and communicate the retirement income process with clients,” said Tony Ferreira, Managing Director, and co-author of the report. Thus, providers that can continually and responsibly innovate in both product design and value-add programs are likely to be rewarded with future business opportunities.


Top Providers in Association With Superior Retirement Income Thought Leadership



2. Jackson National

3. Vanguard

4. Prudential Financial

5. American Funds

6. MetLife

7. Lincoln Financial

8. BlackRock

9. Franklin Templeton

10. Fidelity Investments



Base: Advisors Who Have at Least 75% of AUM Focused on RI Planning and Aware of Provider

Source: Cogent Research Advisor In-Retirement IncomeTM


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Originally Posted at Enhanced Online News on February 4, 2013 by N/A.

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