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  • Jackson Reports 2018 Financial Results

    {March 20th, 2019} by Jackson National Life Insurance Company

    LANSING, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jackson National Life Insurance Company® (Jackson®) today announced its full-year financial results, generating $2 billion in IFRS net income2 during 2018, the highest in company history. Jackson also reported $20.6 billion in sales and deposits, $2.5 billion in IFRS pre-tax operating income and adjusted capital of $5.5 billion, more than nine times the minimum regulatory […]

    New Lincoln Financial Group Research Reveals Need to Bridge the Gap Between Women’s Financial Planning Attitudes and Behaviors

    {March 20th, 2019} by Lincoln Financial Group

    RADNOR, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As Americans celebrate Women’s History Month, new research released today from Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE:LNC) reveals that while women place high importance on planning for retirementand their family’s future, they are facing gaps that are keeping them from reaching the positive outcomes they seek. Good Intentions Falling Short According to Lincoln Financial’s Love and Responsibility […]

    ‘There’s More Work To Be Done:’ Reg BI Faces Criticism At Congressional Hearing

    {March 20th, 2019} by Cassie Miller

    The Security and Exchange Commission’s Regulation Best Interest standard was able to find some agreement among representatives at a congressional committee hearing– the rule still needs work. The partisan split appeared over the degree of change that Reg BI needs, with Republicans suggesting adjustments and Democrats demanding an overhaul, during a two-hour hearing on March […]

    Ameriprise Financial Announces Fixed Annuity Reinsurance Transaction with Global Atlantic

    {March 19th, 2019} by Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

    MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE: AMP) (“the company”) announced today that its insurance subsidiary, RiverSource Life Insurance Company, has entered into an agreement with Commonwealth Annuity and Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Global Atlantic Financial Group, to reinsure approximately $1.7 billion of fixed annuity policies sold through third parties, which is approximately 20 percent […]

    SEC Using ‘Best Interest’ as a ‘Marketing Slogan’: Phyllis Borzi

    {March 19th, 2019} by Jane Wollman Rusoff

    Phyllis Borzi, Labor Department assistant secretary for the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) from 2009 to 2017 and key architect of the department’s now-defunct fiduciary rule for advising retirement accounts, spares no disdain for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed Regulation Best Interest. In an interview with ThinkAdvisor, she dismisses Reg BI’s use of “best […]

    Selling by Generation: Exclusive MDRT Producer Roundtable

    {March 19th, 2019} by Brian Anderson

    Recently, three distinguished members of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) – Sandro Forte, DipPFS, CSP, Tony Gordon and Brenton D. Harrison, agreed to talk with Insurance Forums for a “Q&A” about how they have successfully navigated the often challenging waters of dealing with clients from different generations. In today’s Part 1, we’ll get a […]

    Wink, Inc. Releases 4th Quarter, 2018 Deferred Non-Variable and Structured Annuity Sales Results

    {March 19th, 2019} by Press Release

    — FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION — NEWS RELEASE   ANNUITY SALES ANNIHILATE PREVIOUS RECORDS! Wink, Inc. Releases 4th Quarter, 2018 Deferred Non-Variable and Structured Annuity Sales Results Des Moines, Iowa. March 19, 2019– Wink’s Sales & Market Report, the insurance industry’s #1 resource for indexed annuity sales data since 1997, is in its third year of […]


    {March 19th, 2019} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Indexed Annuity Sales for the fourth quarter of 2018 were $19,202 million, compared with sales of $13,621 million for the fourth quarter of 2017. Fourth quarter indexed annuity sales were up more than 8% when compared to the previous quarter, and up nearly 41% when compared to the same period last year. This was a […]

    UBS Study of Women Investors Reveals the “Divide and Conquer” Approach to Managing Finances is a Multi-Generational Problem

    {March 19th, 2019} by UBS Global Wealth Management

    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–UBS Global Wealth Management today launched the first global Investor Watch report of 2019, this time surveying women investors around the world on their approach to their financial well-being. The report has found that the traditional “divide and conquer” approach to managing finances, where women typically take care of day-to-day expenses and men […]

    HD Vest-1st Global Deal: ‘The Consolidation Continues’

    {March 19th, 2019} by Janet Levaux

    Industry watchers are labeling HD Vest owner Blucora’s planned acquisition of tax-focused broker-dealer 1st Global as “big news, but not at all surprising,” according to popular blogger and finanial planner Michael Kitces. “Blucora owns TaxAct [software] as well, and was already building synergies around HD Vest’s base of CPA-centric advisors,” Kitces said on Twitter. “1st […]

    Nationwide Advisory Solutions Launches New Variable Annuity with Lifetime Income Guarantee Designed Expressly for RIAs and Fee-Based Advisors

    {March 19th, 2019} by Nationwide Advisory Solutions

    LOUISVILLE, Ky., March 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Nationwide Advisory Solutions, a leading innovator of investing solutions for registered investment advisors (RIAs), fee-based advisors and the clients they serve, has achieved another milestone with the launch of Nationwide Advisory Retirement Income Annuity (NARIA)℠, a new variable annuity (VA) with an income guarantee designed expressly for RIAs and fee-based advisors to align […]

    Genworth Has Canada Problems

    {March 19th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co. Ltd. and Genworth Financial Inc. announced Thursday that China Oceanwide is still trying to acquire Genworth. Genworth reported that one of the remaining obstacles is Canadian regulators’ worries about data security. “Canadian regulators have not outlined a timeframe for the completion of their review of the transaction or requested any […]

    Indexed Life Sales Keep Growing: Wink

    {March 19th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    U.S. sales of indexed life insurance continued to grow in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to new data from Wink Inc. Indexed life sales increased to $617 million, up 7.3% from the total recorded in the fourth quarter of 2017. For all of 2018, indexed life sales climbed 11%, to $2.2 billion. Wink has published […]

    Nationwide Aims Variable Annuity, With Lifetime Income Feature, at Fee-Based Advisors

    {March 19th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    An arm of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company is courting fee-based advisors with a variable annuity that comes with a lifetime income benefit. Nationwide Advisory Solutions has introduced the Nationwide Advisory Retirement Income Annuity (NARIA) contract. The contract gives purchasers access to about 130 funds in 25 fund families. One optional feature, the NARIA Retirement Income Developer […]

    Regulators Aim to Make Troubled Insurers Work Better

    {March 19th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    State insurance regulators are trying to develop better strategies for dealing with seriously troubled insurers outside of formal receivership proceedings. The Financial Condition Committee — an arm of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) — has set up a new Restructuring Mechanisms Working Group. The working group will be looking at efforts to transfer the […]

    Chuck Ritzke to Lead ICMG

    {March 19th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    Members of the Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG) have elected Chuck Ritzke to be the group’s president in 2019. The ICMG is a McPherson, Kansas-based networking group for executives at insurance and financial services companies. Ritzke is a consulting actuary, the founder of Problem Solving Enterprises, and the author of many articles for financial services industry […]

    Where in the World Is Your Income Going?

    {March 19th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    Life insurance agent income trends look a lot better in some other countries than in the United States. Tim Calvert, a partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Nathalia Bellizia, a BCG principal, have included a little data on that subject, in a new report distributed by Morgan Stanley Research, on where life insurance agency […]

    10 Commandments for Newbie Agents and Advisors

    {March 19th, 2019} by Bryce Sanders

    People new to the business often feel like they are drinking from a fire hose. There’s so much to learn and the advice they receive is often conflicting. Is social media the new cold call? Should I be diving into social prospecting? Why must I attend so many meetings? If there were 10 commandments for […]

    5 Things to Know About How Variable Annuities Handled the Q4 Storm

    {March 19th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    Life insurance company executives sounded calm when they talked about how their annuity operations did in the fourth quarter. No major life reinsurers or derivatives counterparties raced into liquidation. Analysts at Moody’s Investors Service say they looked hard at the issuers’ fourth-quarter financial statements and believe that the issuers’ variable annuity units really did hold […]

    LifeMark Partners to offer every consumer complimentary lifetime subscriptions to LegacyShield®.

    {March 19th, 2019} by LegacyShield Solutions, Inc.

    Jacksonville, Florida, March 19, 2019 – LegacyShield Solutions, Inc., the leader in providing the insurance and financial services industry with an all-encompassing solution, enabling companies and advisors to build and protect their clients’ legacies through a digital growth platform, announces that LifeMark Partners, the insurance industry’s leader in innovative solutions for member agencies, is offering […]

    Wells Fargo Said to Be Selling Retirement Plan Business to Principal Financial

    {March 19th, 2019} by Janet Levaux

    Wells Fargo is reportedly in talks to sell its retirement-plan services business to Principal Financial Group for as much as $1 billion or more. The move comes as Wells Fargo tries to trim its operations to cope with the Federal Reserve-imposed cap it has on asset growth as a result of its fake-accounts scandals. According […]

    Financial literacy could make advice more accessible to women of color

    {March 19th, 2019} by Ryan W. Neal

    Financial illiteracy in the U.S. hits women and women of color especially hard, according to several participants in an InvestmentNews workshop on the role financial literacy can play in making the advice industry more diverse and inclusive. The half-day think tank was held directly before this year’s Women to Watch awards luncheon. Click HERE to […]

    Reinventing Life Insurance Agency Distribution Globally

    {March 19th, 2019} by Jamie Johnson

    NEW YORK, March 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Life insurers globally face multiple challenges and among the most critical is the sustainability of their agency distribution models. After decades of limited innovation, distribution is on the cusp of major change, which will unlock benefits for all stakeholders, according to a joint research report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Morgan Stanley […]

    Nevada Fiduciary Rule Would Scare Off Morgan Stanley, TD Ameritrade

    {March 19th, 2019} by Melanie Waddell

    Two of the nation’s top brokerage firms — Morgan Stanley and TD Ameritrade — are warning the Nevada Securities Division that if the state moves ahead with its fiduciary rule in its current form, they’ll stop serving customers in the state. Meanwhile, Illinois appears to have halted moving ahead with its Investment Advisor Disclosure Act, […]

    Principal-Wells Fargo retirement deal would be among largest ever

    {March 19th, 2019} by Greg Iacurci

    There would be a new behemoth among record keepers of defined-contribution plans if Principal Financial Group were to follow through on a reported deal to acquire Wells Fargo & Co.’s retirement-plan unit. Click HERE to read the full story via InvestmentNews; registration required. 

    FPA butts heads with Michael Kitces over $8 million in ‘missing’ funds

    {March 19th, 2019} by Jeff Benjamin

    The Financial Planning Association was forced into scramble mode Friday after a blog post from Michael Kitces alleged that the FPA was responsible for nearly $8 million worth of “missing” revenue over the past decade. Click HERE to read the full story via InvestmentNews; registration required. 

    Kiplinger’s: Annuities Can Help Clients Afford Long-Term Care

    {March 18th, 2019} by Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA)

    Long-term-care costs can shatter your retirement nest egg, but here are some ways to pay for these potentially big bills. Traditional long-term-care policies: These are usually the most efficient way to cover costs if you end up needing care. You choose the daily or monthly benefit and the benefit period, and usually an inflation adjustment […]

    Principal Financial close to Wells Fargo retirement unit acquisition-sources

    {March 18th, 2019} by David French

    (Reuters) – Principal Financial Group Inc is in advanced talks to acquire Wells Fargo & Co’s retirement plan services business, in a deal that could exceed $1 billion, people familiar with the matter said on Sunday. Wells Fargo has been seeking to streamline its business as it grapples with the fallout of customer abuse scandals. […]

    The Many Indices Available on Indexed Annuities

    {March 18th, 2019} by Sheryl J. Moore

      Hi everyone. I have to make this short, as we are preparing 4Q2018 sales.   I recently participated in a call for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), regarding the matter of indexed annuities and the illustrations that accompany them.   For those who are interested, the following indices are available on indexed […]

    Indexed universal life insurance sales continue hot streak

    {March 16th, 2019} by Greg Iacurci

    Insurers sold indexed universal life insurance policies at record levels last year as consumers sought a measure of protection from stock market volatility and more insurers offered product. Click HERE to read the full story via InvestmentNews; registration required.    …………………………………………………………………………………… Article Excerpt: Advisers and consumers turned more to indexed universal life last year amid […]

    Genworth move could signal big shift in distribution of long-term-care insurance

    {March 15th, 2019} by Greg Iacurci

    Genworth Financial Inc.’s recent decision to halt sales of individual long-term-care insurance policies through brokers and agents and just go directly to consumers could represent an emerging trend among insurers. Click HERE to read the full story via InvestmentNews; registration required. 

    Wink, Inc. Releases Fourth Quarter, 2018 Life Sales Results

    {March 15th, 2019} by Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION — NEWS RELEASE   Indexed Life Sales SET NEW ALL-TIME HIGH!     Wink, Inc. Releases Fourth Quarter, 2018 Life Sales Results Des Moines, Iowa. March 15, 2019– Wink, Inc. released fourth quarter, 2018 life sales results in its 86th edition of Wink’s Sales & Market Report. Wink’s Sales & Market Report, the insurance […]

    Variable Universal Life Won Life Insurance in 2018

    {March 15th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    U.S. sales of individual life insurance were just okay in 2018, but sales of individual variable universal life (VUL) insurance were great. Annualized premiums from new U.S. individual life policies sold increased by less than 0.5% in 2018, and the total number of new individual policies sold fell by about 0.5%, according to new issuer survey […]


    {March 15th, 2019} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Indexed Life Sales for the fourth quarter of 2018 were $617 million, compared with sales of $575 million for the fourth quarter of 2017. Fourth quarter indexed life sales were up nearly 17% when compared with the previous quarter, and up more than 7% when compared to the same period last year. This was a […]

    Bankers Life Study: Boomers are More Prepared for Death Than Life – And It’s Not Getting Better

    {March 15th, 2019} by Bankers Life

    CHICAGO, March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today’s baby boomers are more financially prepared for death than life, according to the latest research from the Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement®. The new study by the national insurance provider revealed that 81% of middle-income boomers have made at least one formal preparation for when they pass away, while only 32% […]

    This increasing client risk will change advisor practices. Here’s why

    {March 14th, 2019} by Lavanya Nair

    When asked what’s the biggest impact on their practice, advisors didn’t point to artificial intelligence, robos or even climate change. Instead, they’re fixated on longevity risk. Clients’ ever-increasing lifespans are challenging assumptions about spending rates, savings and more, say advisors, who singled out longevity in a survey released last month by Schwab Advisor Services. In the survey, […]

    Symetra Awards Top Honor for Community Service to Bellevue Employee DeAnne Dodson

    {March 14th, 2019} by Symetra

    BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Symetra, a national provider of employee benefits, annuities and life insurance, announced that DeAnne Dodson is the recipient of the company’s ninth-annual CEO Service Award. The award recognizes Symetra employees for exemplary community service. Dodson is an IT operations manager in Symetra’s Bellevue, Washington headquarters. “‘Swift to Serve’ is one of Symetra’s core […]

    Dallas ‘Money Doctor’ bilked clients out of $20m, SEC says

    {March 14th, 2019} by Ian Wenik

    Neil Gallagher, who was not registered with the SEC or Finra, allegedly ran a Ponzi scheme targeting elderly Christians. The prognosis for Dallas’ ‘Money Doctor’ may be terminal. In an unsealed complaint, originally filed on March 7, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed suit against Neil Gallagher, alleging that the radio personality perpetrated a Ponzi […]

    Talking Annuities with AIG’s Todd Solash

    {March 14th, 2019} by Kerry Pechter

    Although American International Group’s (AIG) property-casualty division withstood a big financial hit from natural disasters over the past year, the individual annuity segment of the global insurance company’s life and retirement business has continued to post strong sales. AIG has been pursuing a balanced product strategy, with competitive entries in the variable, fixed and index […]

    Former PIMCO CEO, Celebrities Charged in Bribery Scheme

    {March 14th, 2019} by 401kspecialistmag

    (401kspecialistmag) — Former PIMCO CEO Douglas Hodge is among a number of business executives, celebrities and coaches charged in a sweeping indictment alleging bribery in the admission of their children to elite universities. Hodge was PIMCO’s CEO from 2014 to 2016, a tumultuous time for the bond fund giant following the departure of the company’s founder and […]

    Ohio National Facing New Lawsuit Over Trail Comp Cut

    {March 13th, 2019} by John Hilton

    A new lawsuit was filed Monday challenging Ohio National’s decision to stop paying trail commissions on certain variable annuity contracts. Stephen K. Cook, an investment advisor representative with Triad Advisors, a Dallas, Texas broker-dealer, filed the class-action lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. Ohio National faces several lawsuits over its […]

    Best’s Special Report: U.S. Life/Health Ratings Upgrades Outpace Downgrades in 2018

    {March 12th, 2019} by A.M. Best

    OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Credit rating activity for the U.S. life/health (L/H) insurance industry was positive for a second-straight year in 2018, with upgrades outpacing downgrades and a decrease in the number of insurers placed under review, according to a new AM Best report. The Best’s Special Report, titled, “U.S. Life/Health Ratings Upgrades Outpace Downgrades in 2018,” states that improved risk-adjusted […]

    Athene USA Champions Financial Empowerment at BISA 2019 Convention

    {March 12th, 2019} by Athene USA

    WEST DES MOINES, Iowa–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Athene USA (“Athene”), a leading provider of retirement savings products, announced that it has donated $11,000 to Operation HOPE & HOPE Global Forum 2019, a non-profit that provides financial literacy empowerment and education to Americans of all ages. The donation was made as part of Athene’s presence during last week’s 2019 Bank Insurance […]

    New York Life Announces Strong 2018 Financial Results, Surpasses $1 Trillion of Individual Life Insurance in Force in U.S.

    {March 12th, 2019} by New York Life

    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–New York Life, America’s largest mutual life insurer, today announced strong financial results for 2018, marked by record company highs in surplus, life insurance and annuity sales, and operating earnings. The company exceeded $1 trillion of individual life insurance in force in the United States in 2018 and paid the highest level of […]

    What Should Insurers Do Today To Prepare For Tomorrow?

    {March 12th, 2019} by EY Americas 2019 Insurance Outlook

    No or slow growth in revenues. Intense profit pressures. Constant flux from technology advancements and rising customer expectations. That’s what insurers have experienced in the recent past. Without bold action now, they risk seeing more of the same in 2019 and beyond. Non-life sectors have grown — albeit at low rates and mainly in health […]

    We do the work so you don’t have to!

    {March 12th, 2019} by Wink's RockStars

    We monitor a multitude of magazines, newspapers, websites, and trade journals on a daily basis for relevant industry news to send directly to your email inbox once a week in our weekly newsletter from our Chief Storyteller, Sheryl J. Moore. We value our relationships with media outlets because we want to continue being the first-to-know […]

    Nationwide Adds Guaranteed Withdrawal Annuity Feature

    {March 12th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    Annexus — an indexed annuity designer — has helped Nationwide develop a new lifetime withdrawal feature for a family of Nationwide indexed annuities. The new feature is the Nationwide High Point 365 Lifetime Income Benefit rider with Purchase Payment Bonus. Consumers can combine the feature with the Nationwide’s Nationwide New Heights indexed annuities. The new feature is […]

    Vantis Life Honored with 2019 BISA Technology Innovation Award

    {March 12th, 2019} by Vantis Life Insurance Company

    WINDSOR, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vantis Life Insurance Company, an industry-leading life insurance provider for mass market consumers, was recently honored by the Bank Insurance & Securities Association (BISA) with its 2019 Technology Innovation Award. Vantis Life accepted the award during the BISA Annual Convention on March 7 in Hollywood, Florida. This accomplishment reflects the company’s investment in Velocity, […]

    ACLI comes off bench to support legislation requiring employers offer access to retirement plans

    {March 12th, 2019} by Mark Schoeff Jr.

    The American Council of Life Insurers announced Tuesday it would back legislation to require employers to establish retirement savings plans for their workers.   Click HERE to read the full story via InvestmentNews; registration required. 

    IRS Change Could Hurt Group Annuity Sales, Expand Rollover Market

    {March 12th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    A new Internal Revenue Service decision could boost employers and retirement planners but hurt life insurers and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. (PBGC). The IRS has announced the decision in IRS Notice 2019-18. The notice will help a pension plan sponsor use the offer of a one-time cash payment to buy out a participant’s pension income stream. A […]

    In Policy Shift, Life Insurers Back Mandatory Retirement Plans

    {March 12th, 2019} by Elizabeth Festa

    The board of the American Council of Life Insurers voted Monday to support legislation that would require the vast majority of employers to offer a retirement plan in a major policy shift from previous industry support for voluntary participation. The legislation, which is the former H.R. 4523, the Automatic Retirement Plan Act of 2017, introduced by House […]

    IRS Change Could Hurt Group Annuity Sales, Expand Rollover Market

    {March 12th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    A new Internal Revenue Service decision could boost employers and retirement planners but hurt life insurers and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. (PBGC). The IRS has announced the decision in IRS Notice 2019-18. The notice will help a pension plan sponsor use the offer of a one-time cash payment to buy out a participant’s pension income stream. A […]

    Yes. Leave Big Insurer Wellness to Us: NAIC Head on FSOC Proposal

    {March 12th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    Federal financial services regulators could end up leaving state insurance regulators in charge of ensuring that giant insurers exercise and eat their vegetables. The head of a group for state insurance regulators is welcoming a Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) proposal that could give him and his colleagues more authority over insurance giant wellness. Eric […]

    Life Activity Continues to Move in a Strange Way

    {March 12th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    U.S. life insurance application activity did something shocking in February: It increased — for the second month in a row. Activity was 2.1% higher in January than in January 2018, according to activity data from MIB Group Inc. That’s the first overall, year-over-year increased in activity since July 2018. In February, MIB says, activity increased a second time: Activity was […]

    Using music to share financial literacy with young students

    {March 12th, 2019} by Sarah Min

    For Laura Steckler, managing director at Steckler Wealth Management Group for Raymond James, financial literacy and multigenerational planning are the cornerstones of her practice. Click HERE to read the full story via InvestmentNews; registration required.

    Life insurance locator helps people find lost life insurance policies for free

    {March 12th, 2019} by Deb Stanley

    When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult to find their life insurance policies. While some people put all their important documents in one place, others do not. But the State of Colorado has help. The life insurance policy locator can help beneficiaries find old life insurance policies. “People don’t talk much about […]

    Does the ‘4% rule’ for retirement work if you retire early?

    {March 12th, 2019} by Maria Lamagna

    Running out of money during retirement is a scary prospect. If you’re planning to retire at a young age, it might seem even scarier. So based on predictions about where the U.S. stock market seems to be headed, how much should you save? It’s a multimillion-dollar question, and one poster on Reddit asked it this week. […]

    Women Are Overwhelmingly Falling Down in This Financial Area

    {March 12th, 2019} by Maurie Backman

    Whether they hold down jobs or take care of the household, women contribute to their families’ financial well-being in many ways. As such, they need to protect their loved ones by securing life insurance. Yet 43% of U.S. women don’t have a life insurance policy in place, and among those who do have one, many are underinsured. Furthermore, […]

    GE expects $1.7 billion in rate increases for long-term care policies

    {March 12th, 2019} by Greg Iacurci

    General Electric expects to institute $1.7 billion in premium increases for its long-term care insurance policyholders over the next several years, the company said Thursday, making it the latest of several insurers to raise premiums for customers as they contend with market forces making the insurance costlier for them to underwrite. Click HERE to read the full […]

    Surrender rates on some FIAs tick higher

    {March 12th, 2019} by Editorial Staff

    Fixed indexed annuity (FIA) surrender rates climbed in 2017-18, after declining slowly from 2010 to 2016, according to Ruark Consulting LLC. Ruark released the results of its 2019 studies of FIA policyholder behavior this week. Click HERE to read the full story via RIJ; subscription required. 

    The Incredible Shrinking Income Rider

    {March 12th, 2019} by Kerry Pechter

    The variable annuity (VA) with a lifetime income rider is a versatile product category that suits our times. It deals with several major risks—market risk, longevity risk, and perhaps even inflation risk—in ways that seem to satisfy the needs of many retirees, distributors and issuers. Click HERE to read the full story via RIJ; subscription […]

    Next-Gen Annuities

    {March 12th, 2019} by Diana Britton

    Russ Norwood, CEO and founding partner of Venturi Wealth Management in Austin, Texas, was recently in a meeting with a client and, reviewing his portfolios, discovered three variable annuities, paying a thick commission stream to the agent who sold them. “Probably close to 20 percent of his assets are tied up in these annuity contracts,” […]

    Rep. Waters Comments on SEC’s Regulation Best Interest

    {March 12th, 2019} by Melanie Waddell

    House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters, D-Calif., said Wednesday that her committee will “continue to pay attention” to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation Best Interest proposal, and that the committee has “not organized” a legislative response to Reg BI. Waters and other Democrats on the committee held a Wednesday media event on Capitol […]

    State Street Adds Another Fearless Girl Statue in London

    {March 12th, 2019} by Emily Zulz

    It’s been two years since State Street Global Advisors first launched the Fearless Girl campaign, and since then more companies have responded to the asset manager’s call to action by either adding a female director or committing to do so. Concluding its second year, out of the 1,265 companies identified globally by State Street that lack a […]

    If You’re Considering an Annuity, Start by Understanding What You Get

    {March 12th, 2019} by Kevin McAllister

    You’ve probably seen the commercials advertising annuities, but as common as the ads are, details about exactly what you get from buying one are scarce. So what can purchasing an annuity actually do for you? Often mislabeled or misunderstood as an investment, an annuity is a product designed by insurance companies to hedge against the chance […]

    NAIC Considers Doubling 10-Year Minimum For Illustration Indices

    {March 12th, 2019} by John Hilton

    A National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ working group put a strong proposal on the table Thursday to double the time indexes must be in existence to be used in annuity illustrations. The proposal put forth by John Robinson of Minnesota would double the time indexes must be in existence from 10 to 20 years. The […]

    Arizona Annuity Law Passes Senate One Month After Being Introduced

    {March 11th, 2019} by John Hilton

    A new state annuity regulation law is speeding through the Arizona Legislature, passing the Senate Wednesday by a 29-1 margin. Senate Bill 1534 was introduced Feb. 6 and quickly passed out of the Senate Finance Committee before clearing the full Senate this week. The bill moves on to the House of Representatives. Click HERE to […]

    Annuities On The Rebound, Kiplinger’s Reports

    {March 11th, 2019} by Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA)

    Kiplinger’s Personal Finance After years of declining sales, annuities are hot again. Part of the reason for the resurgence is that rising interest rates are increasing annuity payouts. But much of the credit for the rebound goes to the demise last year of the fiduciary rule – the U.S. Department of Labor rule that would […]

    African-Americans Look To Life Insurance For Wealth Transfer

    {March 11th, 2019} by Susan Rupe

    African-Americans view life insurance as more than a means to pay for final expenses. They are increasingly looking to life insurance as a way to transfer wealth and leave a legacy. Those were among the findings of New York Life’s Insurance Gap Survey that showed African-Americans report more financial stress than the overall population, but […]

    How Do You Best Educate Clients About Annuities?

    {March 10th, 2019} by Alliance for Lifetime Income

    With initiatives like the Alliance for Lifetime Income, more firms are recognizing the limited resources and knowledge surrounding annuity products, creating an industry-wide push for education about retirement needs. These efforts educate prospects about the benefits of wealth preservation and guaranteed income in retirement. Competitive intelligence firm Corporate Insight’s 2018 Annuity Monitor Awards report details […]

    Genworth to Suspend LTCI and Annuity Sales Through BGAs

    {March 9th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    Genworth Financial Inc. says it will temporarily suspend sales of long-term care insurance (LTCI) and immediate annuities through the brokerage general agency (BGA) channel, in all states, starting Monday. Genworth announced the sales suspension Thursday, in a bulletin. The Richmond, Virginia-based company is making the move because sales through BGAs, or independent distributors, have already […]

    Crump and SelectQuote Announce Strategic Relationship

    {March 7th, 2019} by Crump Life Insurance Services

    PARSIPPANY, N.J., March 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Crump Life Insurance Services (Crump) and SelectQuote, an Overland Park, Kan. and San Francisco-based direct marketing organization, today announced the start of a multi-faceted strategic relationship that will bring much needed life insurance and retirement protection coverage to more distributors, businesses and consumers. “LIMRA data shows more than 55 percent of the population would […]

    Global Annuities Insurance Market Research Report 2024 Market Report; Launched via MarketResearchReports.com

    {March 7th, 2019} by MarketResearchReports.com

    Lewes, DE — (SBWIRE) — 03/07/2019 — Annuities Insurance market research report provides the newest industry data and industry future trends, allowing you to identify the products and end users driving Revenue growth and profitability. The industry report lists the leading competitors and provides the insights strategic industry Analysis of the key factors influencing the market. […]

    John Hancock Startup Opens Impact Investing to the Masses

    {March 7th, 2019} by Ginger Szala

    Coin may sound like something from the cryptocurrency arena, but it’s actually the new name of a “conscious investing” platform (hence the name), a startup from John Hancock. The platform, accessible from all devices, allows investors to put money into eight different causes: gender equality, climate action, better health, clean water, waste reduction, quality work, modern […]

    Life Insurers Play Vital Investing Role in US Economy: Chamber

    {March 7th, 2019} by Elizabeth Festa

    Life insurers invest in a wide array of sectors in the U.S. economy, they can stabilize markets, and they can help fund infrastructure projects, according to a new paper prepared by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, with help from a data analyst from Ernst & Young. The paper, “The Role of Insurance Investments in the […]

    Life, Retirement Industry Officials Wary of ‘Patchwork’ Annuity Sales Standards

    {March 7th, 2019} by Elizabeth Festa

    Top representatives of the life insurance and retirement industries talked Wednesday, during a panel discussion in Washington, about the possibility that states could create a patchwork quilt of annuity sales standards. The American Council of Life Insurers is actively engaged with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on the […]

    I defied Mad Men by wearing pants … and I have a book of business to die for

    {March 7th, 2019} by Bethan Moorcraft

    Carmel Fauci (pictured) stumbled into the insurance industry over 50-years-ago, when she started working as a clerk for $50 a week. After graduating from high school at the age of 16, she never intended to work for an insurance company. Quite the contrary, she had dreams of going to art school and was awarded scholarships […]

    Facts Omitted From The Wall Street Journal Story About Greg Lindberg And His Companies

    {March 6th, 2019} by Spokesperson for Greg. E. Lindberg

    DALLAS, March 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Mr. Lindberg’s colleagues and representatives spent weeks answering detailed questions from the Wall Street Journal.  Unfortunately, key facts were omitted from the story.  Facts such as: There are numerous inaccuracies with respect to the use of the insurance funds to finance personal assets. For example, no insurance company money was used to […]

    Accenture Completes First Cloud-Based Implementation of Its Life Insurance & Annuity Platform

    {March 6th, 2019} by Accenture

    NEW YORK; Feb. 26, 2019 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has, for the first time, implemented the Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP) for new business and underwriting in a full-service cloud-hosted environment. The innovative solution combines ALIP on Microsoft Azure cloud; the RGA AURA® underwriting rules engine, which is now available out-of-the-box within ALIP; and […]

    2018 Finra Fines Increase, Cases Down

    {March 5th, 2019} by N/A

    Eversheds Sutherland has completed its annual study of the disciplinary actions reported by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in 2018. By reviewing FINRA’s monthly disciplinary reports, press releases, and online database, Eversheds Sutherland partner Brian L. Rubin and counsel Adam C. Pollet found that in 2018 the amount of fines increased compared with 2017, […]

    The Life Insurance-Other Financial Services Sectors Communications Gap

    {March 5th, 2019} by Mark Whitelaw

    A recent ThinkAdvisor Life/Health article raised this question: Can members of the life insurance community explain themselves to other players in the financial services sector? Here’s my response, with my comments focused on how members of the life insurance community can explain themselves. Whether life insurance community members have the ability to explain themselves to counterparts in […]

    The Leader in Indexed Universal Life Insurance Announces Two New Products

    {March 5th, 2019} by Pacific Life Insurance Company

    ALISO VIEJO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Pacific Life Insurance Company (Pacific Life) announced two new indexed universal life insurance (IUL) products: Pacific Discovery Xelerator IUL 2 (PDX IUL 2) and Pacific Indexed Accumulator 6 (PIA 6).1 Both life insurance products continue in the tradition of providing flexible death benefit protection for individuals and businesses. PDX IUL 2 […]

    Best’s Market Segment Report: U.S. Life/Annuity Insurers Buoyed by Stable Outlook, But Clouds Loom on Horizon

    {March 5th, 2019} by AM Best

    OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Despite a recent change in AM Best’s life/annuity (L/A) market segment outlook to stable from negative, clouds remain on the horizon as 2019 began with an usual mix of uncertainty, according to AM Best’s 2019 Review/Preview market segment report. There is potential for a global economic slowdown owing to a prolonged trade/tariff war, and […]

    National Western Life Group, Inc. Announces 2018 Full Year and Fourth Quarter Earnings

    {March 5th, 2019} by National Western Life Group, Inc.

    AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ross R. Moody, Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer of National Western Life Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: NWLI), announced today 2018 consolidated net earnings of $116.8 million, or $33.02 per diluted Class A common share, compared with consolidated net earnings of $110.4 million, or $31.23 per diluted Class A common share, for 2017. The Company’s book […]

    AXA Equitable Holdings Reports Full Year and Fourth Quarter 2018 Results

    {March 5th, 2019} by AXA Equitable Holdings, Inc.

    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AXA Equitable Holdings, Inc. (“AXA Equitable Holdings”, or the “Company”) (NYSE: EQH) today announced financial results for the full year and fourth quarter ended December 31, 2018. “AXA Equitable Holdings’ solid 2018 financial results reflect a strong debut year, in which we completed our initial public offering, effectively executed against our long-term strategic priorities, […]

    A Textbook Way to Sell Annuities

    {March 5th, 2019} by Kerry Pechter

    If David Macchia didn’t have a native talent for selling insurance, and for selling ways to sell annuities, he might have been a professor or minister. The owner of Boston-based Wealth2k likes to teach. He believes in what he teaches, so he can be very persuasive. Click HERE to read the full story via RIJ; subscription required. 

    Brighthouse Posts Variable Annuity Strength Analysis

    {March 5th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    Brighthouse Financial Inc. has developed a new presentation, to support the argument that its variable annuity business will be a powerful source of cash from now through 2021. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based company is making that case to show investors, and securities analysts, that the company really can return $1.5 billion in capital to shareholders over the […]

    Kansas City Life Insurance Company Announces Passing of Director

    {March 5th, 2019} by Kansas City Life

    KANSAS CITY, Mo., Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Kansas City Life Insurance Company is deeply saddened to announce the death of Richard L. Finn on February 23, 2019.  Mr. Finn was a member of the Board of Directors; he was also a member of both the Audit and Executive Committees. In addition to his Board service, Mr. Finn was a long-time […]

    Put Variable Product Illustrations On IPads: Ben Baldwin to SEC

    {March 5th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    A longtime life insurance agent says the current U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission effort to create a summary prospectus for variable life insurance and variable annuity contracts is on the wrong track. Benjamin Baldwin Jr. — an Illinois financial services veteran who holds the Chartered Financial Consultant and Certified Financial Planner designations as well as the Chartered […]

    Cogent Reports: Jackson National and Lincoln Financial Top Advisors’ Annuity Consideration Set

    {March 5th, 2019} by Market Strategies International. Cogent Reports™. Annuity Brandscape™.

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Financial advisors looking to invest client assets in annuities rank Jackson National, Lincoln Financial Group and Pacific Life in their top five across three types of annuities: variable, fixed and indexed. However, the leader and subsequent rankings vary by product category, as advisors are influenced by different factors when considering each product type. […]

    Pan-American Life reports lower net income; notes pre-tax operating earnings set a record in 2018

    {March 5th, 2019} by Advocate staff report

    Pan-American Life Insurance Group on Tuesday reported net income for 2018 decreased 5 percent to $73 million, due to lower realized gains versus 2017. The New Orleans-based life, accident and health insurer said its pre-tax operating earnings increased 6 percent in 2018 to a record $93 million, with both its business divisions posting strong results. Sales […]

    Why the Life-Insurance Industry Wants to Creep on Your Instagram

    {March 5th, 2019} by Nathan Heller

    Recent news that life insurers are now subject to a mild setback in the process for determining premiums might have been cheering if it didn’t come with a revelation that the actuaries of the world might be studying your Instagram feed. Last month, in a circular letter, the New York State Department of Financial Services, a major […]

    What Makes a Hero?

    {March 5th, 2019} by Lloyd Lofton

    We all have an inner hero. The dictionary defines “hero” as “a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his or her brave deeds and noble qualities. Heroes come in many forms in life, ranging from one’s family and friends to athletes to movie stars. The reality hit me I was not one. Click […]

    National Association for Advancement of Women in Insurance Celebrates Kickoff of Atlanta Community

    {March 5th, 2019} by NAAWI

    Conyers, GA, February 27, 2019 –(PR.com)– The National Association for Advancement of Women in Insurance, (NAAWI) a network for professional, multicultural women in the insurance industry, officially hosted the group’s debut on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 with a coalition of enterprising women at the Doubletree Hotel in Tucker, GA. NAAWI is an online professional membership […]

    Do Fixed Indexed Annuities Cost More Than Other Fixed Income Annuities?

    {March 5th, 2019} by Eva L. Levine

    I. The Issue There is a common belief that fixed indexed annuities (FIA) cost more than other fixed income annuities such as the vanilla deferred income annuities (DIA) and the immediate annuities (SPIA). The basis for such belief is that FIAs are more complex in product design, which leads to higher fees such as surrender […]

    Ohio National Faces Flood of Litigation After Axing Life Annuity Commissions

    {March 5th, 2019} by Greg Land

    Ohio National Life Insurance Co. is weathering a legal storm after announcing late last year that it will no longer pay ongoing “trail” commissions to brokers and advisers who sold and serviced its variable annuities from 2012 through 2018. At least 10 lawsuits have been filed in federal courthouses around the country since the insurer and […]

    You Don’t Have to Be Wealthy to Work with an Insurance and Financial Advisor

    {March 5th, 2019} by NAIFA

    Events impacting Americans’ wallets in early 2019 – including the partial government shutdown and the lower-than-expected tax refunds – have put a spotlight on Americans’ financial lives, drawing attention to how common it is for Americans to live paycheck to paycheck and raising questions about their lack of preparedness to secure their financial futures. While […]

    NAIFA Members Offering More Services, Staying Commission-Based

    {March 5th, 2019} by Susan Rupe

    You don’t have to be wealthy to have an advisor, the results of an industry association membership survey showed. The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors conducted its first comprehensive membership survey in nearly a decade. Among the findings are that members are offering more products and services than ever before, while still receiving […]

    SEC Examines Guggenheim-Related Bond Trades

    {March 5th, 2019} by Justin Baer

    U.S. securities regulators are reviewing a series of bond trades by three insurance companies tied to Guggenheim Partners LLC, according to people familiar with the matter. The Securities and Exchange Commission has sought information on trades recommended by Strategy 11, a trading algorithm developed by Guggenheim to help the insurers select corporate bonds, the people […]

    Regulators Consider Young Annuity Index Rules

    {March 5th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    State insurance regulators are moving ahead with a project that could affect the indexed annuity community: revising the rules for use of relatively new investment indexes. Members of the Annuity Disclosure Working Group plan to meet Thursday, through a conference call, to talk about the project. The working group is part of the National Association […]

    The 15 Most Overpaid CEOs of Public Companies

    {March 5th, 2019} by Bernice Napach

    Even if you’re an advisor that doesn’t invest client funds in ESG, SRI or impact assets, you might want to consider these key findings from a new report, The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs 2019. The stock price of the companies with the top 10 overpaid CEOs underperformed the S&P 500 by 15.6 percentage points in 2018. Over […]

    Growing Up Gen X: How Our Past Affects Our Planning

    {March 5th, 2019} by Amy Jones

    Amidst all the attention given to baby boomers and millennials, who vastly outnumber us, it is easy to forget about my generation, Gen X. This group is generally considered to be those of us born between 1965 and 1980: a time of uncertainty in everything from politics to economics; a time when there were only […]

    The Math Of Being A Woman: How To Beat The Gender Retirement Gap

    {March 5th, 2019} by Kristen Billows

    March is National Women’s History Month, which honors the many significant contributions women have made to our country. These include impressive steps women have taken toward achieving full equality that began well before the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920 and continues today. The financial services industry is uniquely positioned to support women in one […]

    Insurance agent accused of scamming nearly $200K from three adults

    {March 5th, 2019} by Alexis Stevens

    In videos, the Henry County insurance agent says he can help those approaching retirement avoid unnecessary taxes and protect their assets. But instead of finding ways to make clients’ money last longer, Fereadoon “Frank” Kalantari conjured up ways to help pad his own bank account, investigators say. Friday, Kalantari was accused of scamming three adults […]

    Nationwide announces powerful new guaranteed income rider

    {March 5th, 2019} by Nationwide

    COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Nationwide, a leading insurance and financial services organization, and product development partner Annexus, the premier independent designer of fixed indexed annuities (FIAs), announced a new guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit feature available with the Nationwide New Heights® fixed indexed annuities, the top-selling accumulation FIA on the market.1 The Nationwide High Point 365® Lifetime Income Benefit […]

    What millennials want from their advisors: Nationwide

    {March 5th, 2019} by Michael Fischer

    Millennials with investable assets of $100,000 or more have needs that it behooves financial advisors to take note of if they want them as clients, according to a special report from the annual Advisor Authority Study commissioned by Nationwide Advisory Solutions, formerly Jefferson National. “Year over year, RIAs and fee-based advisors say that adding new clients is the number-one […]

    The NAIC’s Top 7 U.S. Life Insurers of 2018

    {March 5th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    The seven biggest players in the U.S. life insurance market ended up with a slightly smaller share of direct life insurance premium revenue in 2018 than they captured in 2017. The insurers’ direct life insurance premium revenue fell to $60.6 billion, down 1.4% from the 2017 total. Their share of the U.S. life market fell to 36.3%, […]

    Broker’s Lawyer Sizes Up the Ohio National Litigation

    {March 5th, 2019} by Greg Land

    A lawyer for one of the brokers involved in the litigation with Ohio National Life Insurance Co. over trail commissions says the lawyers involved in the cases have been in contact with one another. Dennis Concilla — a partner at Carlile Patchen & Murphy in Columbus, Ohio — is part of the team representing Lance Browning, […]

    Life Insurance Company Owner Faces Wall Street Journal Scrutiny

    {March 5th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    The owner of a life insurance group that Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Co., Bankers Life Insurance Co. of Florida, and Southland National Insurance Corp. of Louisiana is squaring off with reporters at the Wall Street Journal. Two reporters at the Wall Street Journal have suggested in an article published last week that Eli Lindberg, the chairman and chief […]

    National Life Launches New Flexible Whole Life Product

    {March 5th, 2019} by National Life Group

    Montpelier, VT (March 4, 2019) -National Life Group announced today the introduction of TotalSecure, a new, flexible whole life insurance product that offers more living benefit options than any other life insurer. TotalSecure is issued by National Life’s carriers, National Life Insurance Company and Life Insurance Company of the Southwest. “While whole life insurance has traditionally […]

    Genworth Posts Capitalization Update

    {March 5th, 2019} by Allison Bell

    Genworth Financial Inc. says one key measure of its U.S. life insurance company capitalization levels improved in 2018, and that the risk-based capital (RBC) ratio for the U.S. life business fell. The Richmond, Virginia-based company says that the “positive margin,” or capital cushion, at its Genworth Life Insurance Company (GLIC) unit increased to $1.5 billion at […]

    Nevada Oversteps Its Authority on Fiduciary Reg: Trade Groups

    {March 5th, 2019} by Melanie Waddell

    Industry trade groups told the Nevada Securities Division on Friday that it should not only hold off in moving forward with its draft fiduciary duty regulation until the Securities and Exchange Commission finalizes its Regulation Best Interest — which is likely to be published before the fourth quarter — but that the state is reaching […]

    Envestnet Insurance Exchange Launches Platform With Six Carriers

    {March 5th, 2019} by Envestnet

    Envestnet Insurance Exchange, a new insurance network that integrates insurance solutions into the wealth management process on the Envestnet platform, now offers access to a robust line-up of six carriers. Envestnet Insurance Exchange will streamline and enhance advisors’ ability to deliver the full lifecycle of financial advice to their clients. The carriers, Allianz Life, Brighthouse […]

    ‘The One Thing’

    {March 5th, 2019} by Wink's RockStars

    A few years ago, we came across an article, “I Wish I Knew Then: 6 Power Women Share Most Valuable Career Advice” by Moria Forbes. The article has today’s successful female leaders sharing key insights into their careers. A question was asked to six top female leaders, identified as successful, about ‘The One Thing’ they had […]

    New Tool Takes Away the Pain of Finding Insurance Agents Locally

    {March 5th, 2019} by Insurance Agent Near Me

    HOUSTON (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 14, 2019 Frank Medina, a leading insurance broker in Houston today announced the launch of Insurance Agent Near Me, a free online tool that connects customers with reputable insurance agents in their vicinity. Recognizing a crucial gap in how people find and choose insurance agents, this tool provides an innovative solution to a […]

    This investment seems too good to be true — is it?

    {March 5th, 2019} by Mark Hulbert

    Would you be interested in an investment that’s guaranteed not to lose money but which makes money when the stock market goes up? Of course you would. In fact, such an investment seems too good to be true: How can you earn equity-like returns without incurring equity-like risk? However unbelievable, however, such investments are available—at […]

    F&G Shakes Up The Usually Staid Annuities And Insurance Biz With A Bold New Identity

    {March 4th, 2019} by FGL Holdings

    DES MOINES, Iowa, March 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — FGL Holdings (NYSE: FG), a leading provider of annuities and life insurance to over 700,000 Americans, today unveiled a distinctive and innovative corporate identity program highlighting the company’s commitment to raise its visibility in the financial marketplace and reinforce how it stands out from competitors. The cornerstones of this program include […]