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jamie n. johnson

She’s the face of all Wink social networks!

Jamie N. Johnson is also the voice you’ll likely hear on the other end-of-the-line when calling the Wink offices. She and her husband ran seven miles together on their first date- who does that?! Whether she is with her fellow marathoners or running circles around her Wink colleagues, Jamie stays active.  Want to catch up with Jamie?

  • She is better-known as “J-me” to her compadres
  • She is responsible for all customer support and social media communication at Wink
  • She advocates a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, in order to prevent illness and live life to the fullest
  • She can pull a policy filing like nobody’s business!
  • She is a competitive runner along with her husband and they plan vacation destinations around their races
  • She registers all users for the AnnuitySpecs and LifeSpecs tools at Wink
  • She is an Army brat; born in Germany, she recently returned to visit and run the Berlin Marathon
  • She provides demos for all of Wink’s competitive intelligence tools to existing and prospective clients
  • She modeled outerwear for an equestrian products and country supplies catalog while in junior college
  • She is the sales siren of the office
  • She is an avid triathlete, but she didn’t learn to ride a bike until she was nine-years-old!
  • She monitors magazines, newspapers, websites, and trade journals on a daily basis for relevant industry news to post to Wink’s blog
  • She is a HUGE fan of the Winter and Summer Olympics; she’s still looking for that one Olympic sport that she can compete in some day!
  • She audits the AnnuitySpecs and LifeSpecs tools, in addition to Wink’s Sales & Market Report, to ensure the accuracy of Wink’s tools
  • She is an accomplished trumpet player
    Ask her to do a job, and she finds out how…then does it!
  • She maintains Wink’s network library, housing marketing materials, rates, filings, and other product-specific information on more than 150 insurance companies
  • She considers Des Moines’ Drake Relays to be THE sporting event of the year
  • She spent six years working as a wholesaler in the fixed and indexed annuity market for a multi-line global insurance company
  • She enjoys anything active and outdoors- trail/road running, mt. biking, cycling, hiking, tent camping, swimming, water-skiing, cross country skiing, you name it!
  • She has a degree in Health and Wellness-Nutrition Science
  • She took her bicycle with her to go car shopping, to ensure the bike would fit in the trunk
  • She is a licensed life insurance agent
  • Track and Field is her favorite Olympic sport
  • She has built a foundation in effective, high-impact communication and engaging team collaboration
  • She declines to participate in most of Wink’s “naughty” food days
  • She has experience in managing marketing initiatives and conducting sales associate training
  • She has a toddler son and a husband whom stays active for a living.

Jamie’s Words of Inspiration

“An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.” -Emil Zátopek, Olympic Gold Medalist – 1952 Summer Olympics